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There is an old saying that “Time is money.”  Bell-Ayr Homes eliminates the months of agony that most “stick built” home construction
incurs because of fighting the weather and dealing with subcontractors.  By choosing Bell-Ayr Homes the home buyer gets the whole
package, which always includes our exceptional customer service.

Bell-Ayr Homes has a firm belief that every family deserves the opportunity to own a home.  Complete customization of construction
allows you to build a home to suit your needs and specifications.  To accomplish this, we offer an extensive selection of floor plans,
from ranches and capes, to large two stories and mansions.   After looking at our standard homes, you still don't see what you like,
then bring us your own plan, a photograph, or even a rough sketch of your dream house design.  We will build it for you.  In fact, over
75% of the homes that are built are not based on one of the standard designs.   

Bell-Ayr Homes was founded on a simple goal: to offer excellent value, a quality product, and dependable service.  It’s our promise to
you.  With Bell-Ayr Homes, the builder you work with, are also the owners of the company.  So when you have a question or concern,
you talk directly to the people in charge and you get a quick answer.

Bell-Ayr Homes represents genuine values; quality homes that are constructed by experienced craftsmen.  When you visit a Bell-Ayr
Home, the difference is apparent right away.  Bell-Ayr Homes sets out to be the best.  It’s not just a difference in construction, it’s our
goal.  We make sure everything is done right the first time.  

Mission Statement

Our Mission
We pledge to provide our valued customers high quality, high value housing utilizing the knowledge and experience of our
professional and veteran team.

Company Values
Since our inception, we have been operating under these core values:

  • We believe that all customers deserve to be treated equally with respect and honesty.
  • We pledge to provide a safe, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly home to your family.
  • We understand that this is the biggest decision most families will make and often the one you know the least about.  We want
    to change that because we believe in educating, not selling.
  • We are committed to provide our customers peace of mind by educating them and  keeping them informed throughout the
    construction process.
  • We are committed to continuous product improvement through using developing technologies as well as utilization of the
    highest quality building materials.
  • We are committed to working with you to provide you with the best value in today’s market.
  • We only build one house at time which allows us to be completely focused on your needs.

Superior Customer Service
We meet with you to understand your needs and desires.  We are adept at translating that information into a home that will surpass
your expectations and fit within your budget.  We will listen to you and work collaboratively with you to make the design process creative
as well as enjoyable.  You’ll receive our focused and individualized attention.  Our staff is accessible and available, working with you
through each and every detail and always providing outstanding
customer service.

Multi Year Structural Warranty
Every one of our homes comes with a minimum seven year structural warranty for your protection.

Energy Efficient
Our homes are extremely energy efficient, and are Energy Star qualified.

Superior Quality
Everyone claims they build a quality product, but we want you to compare.  Sure, look at the specifications, an important place to start.  
However, you also have to look closely at the finished product.  Don't be awed by the amenities, look closely at the little details.  Are the
mitred joints, tight and properly aligned?  Does the counter fit the wall or is it filled with caulking?  Are there window sills with aprons
underneath?  Is the trim really wood?  Are the cabinets solid wood or just veneer?  The list is endless.  We want you to
because when you do, our homes real quality stands out because the modular building process generates consistent building
techniques, resulting in superior quality.  

Superior Strength
Our homes are built with 1/3 more structural material for better strength and structural integrity.

Superior Product
All of our residential modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment under controlled conditions.

Flexibility of Design
All of our floor plan offers complete customization.

Quality Control
Internal quality control systems in conjunction with third-party agency inspections are performed at every stage of the modular housing
construction process.  In fact, Bell-Ayr Builders, LLC takes pride in itself by exceeding many of the state and local coding requirements.

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