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Why We Are In Business

Why do we build homes?  Because for us, it is truly a passion.  We absolutely enjoy the work.  You always hear from the advice guru's that
in order to enjoy your career, the best way to do this is to start your own business doing what you love to do.  We have done that.
Bell-Ayr Homes
More House.  Less Money.
Customer Service
The Pursuit Of Happiness
Service To Others

What is the best way to achieve true happiness?  It is not achieved by the pursuit of money or material possessions.  These only ultimately
bring momentary satisfaction, because there is always something new or better to next possess.  

True internal peace and happiness is achieved through service to others.  Think about it.  Why does everybody enjoy giving gifts so much?  
Because there is nothing better than to see the excitement in someone's face as they open that special gift.  We at Bell-Ayr Homes  get the
same satisfaction when we see the smile on our customers face as they walk through their new home for the first time.
Bell-Ayr Homes Commitment
An Enjoyable Experience

Building a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful.  

So we do everything we can to alleviate the stress and keep you excited and confident throughout the process. The Bell-Ayr Homes Team
is there to guide you through the sales process, construction and service of your new home.

We also conduct client surveys during construction, making sure we’re fulfilling our promise of an enjoyable buying experience.  If you
ever have concerns, we are there to address them and get back to you within 24 hours.

And finally, when your home is finished we walk through it with you at your new home Orientation Meeting.  We review your Project Binder,
which contains a comprehensive overview of your new home and cover many of the frequently asked questions regarding the operations
and maintenance of new-home features.  We also demonstrate how everything in your new home operates.